Age-defying skin treatments – age is only skin deep!

Age-defying skin treatments – age is only skin deep!
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Youthful skin = a youthful appearance

As the largest organ of our bodies, our skin plays a significant role in the ageing process and is indeed one of the first signs of showing our age as it loses its elasticity and suppleness.

The good news is, while we can’t stop or reverse the ageing process, we can minimise the impact that decades of sun, impurities and genetics reveal about our age.

Here are some of the first and most prominent areas of our bodies that show our age, and how you can maximise the firmness of your skin while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


You can usually pick the age of someone by the appearance of their hands. That’s because the back of our hands tends to lose suppleness quicker than the rest of our bodies, and the translucent skin shows not only our veins but our age. The good news is you are not at the mercy of time.

I’m almost 65 and people often comment on the youthful appearance of my hands. My secret? My secret is that it’s not a secret at all! Skin needs nourishment and hydration so that our cells replenish under the skin’s outer layer, the epidermis. Sadly, many moisturisers don’t penetrate the skin barrier meaning the moisture is surface-level only. Daily hydration can help keep your hands looking like they were in your 20s and 30s!


Another area that tends to show wrinkles earlier in our lives is our neck and décolletage area. With skin that is fragile and often exposed to the sun and elements, your skin’s structure and elasticity can diminish quickly around this area.

Too often, women will concentrate their skincare routine around their face and neck, but don’t pay enough attention just a few centimetres lower. A body lotion with the power of nutrient-rich ingredients such as the high Vitamin C Kakadu Plum, hydrating caffeine and collagen-producing Vitamin E will help nourish and repair tissue below the surface of your skin and reduce the impact of sun damage.


Laugh lines, crow’s feet or those pesky wrinkles at the crease of your eyes – whatever you call them they are generally one of the first features other people will notice due to the nature of eye contact in every day communication.

Because the skin is so delicate around the eyes, as we age, we lose that tautness we had in our younger years, and the lines, if not cared for properly, can become deeper and more etched into our skin. Again, this is a part of ageing that we can’t ignore or prevent, but we can minimise with serums that brighten and tighten, like our popular Eye Serum. Dark eyes, sagging skin and these pesky lines don’t have to be the first thing people notice about you! It should be your radiating smile or the sparkle in your blue eyes!


Ageing is indeed a fact of life, but we should be embracing the good aspects of maturing and using our wisdom we’ve gained throughout the years to make decisions that make us feel better from the inside out. Looking after our skin should play a vital role in this process.

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