Are you allergic to skincare creams?

Are you allergic to skincare creams?
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How your allergies are formed and the best way to deal with skin allergies

For people who don’t have skin allergies, it can be difficult to comprehend the inconvenience and even life-threatening nature of living with allergies, yet they are some of the most common, long-term health conditions a person can have. And what’s worse, anyone can develop an allergy without warning at any age!

We hear of it a lot in our industry possibly because of the soaps, fragrances and number of ingredients some brands use in their formulations. The closer a brand is to fewer and natural ingredients, the fewer chances there are of a skin flare up.

So what’s an allergy?

An allergy occurs when a person’s immune system recognizes a specific substance as harmful and goes into overdrive overreacting to it. These substances are called allergens and range from common things like pollen to distinct chemicals like formaldehyde.

Because the immune system thinks an allergen is harmful, it produces an antibody called Ommunoglobulin E (IgE) to fight off the allergen, and it’s this process that causes an allergic reaction that we see on the outside of the body – such as sneezing, watery eyes, rashes, a runny nose and difficulty breathing. Some people’s immune systems react more violently to other allergens, causing more severe allergic reactions compared to others.

Soaps, household cleaners, fragrances and perfumes and ingredients in skincare products can all act as allergens and cause a reaction.

Minimise allergy breakouts with botanicES

Skincare brands can’t be everything to everyone, but we’ve made it our mission to be the most hydrating, nourishing natural caffeine skincare brand for those of you with sensitive skin.

If you react to common skincare or beauty ingredients like formaldehyde, methacrylate, p-phenylenediamine, sulfates, nickel, alpha-hydroxy acids, ammonium persulfate, and retin-A, you are probably well versed in reading product labels to know what products to avoid. We invite you to read our product labels as we are proud of our ingredients –both the ones we intentionally leave out and the ones we carefully select to put in!

If you’ve been struggling to find a skincare brand that is both suitable for sensitive skin AND produces results, then you have nothing to lose by trying our Body Lotion or signature Eye Serum!

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