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BotanicES Australian Made products
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The two reasons buying Australian Made is important

To import or not to import; that is the question many business owners face at some point. When it is significantly cheaper to import ingredients or stock (and sometimes even quicker!) than to source from our own backyard, it really can be a dilemma for those torn between the two options.

At botanicES, the answer for us is a resounding “not to import” our products!

We are a small business and my husband and I have funded everything ourselves, so managing costs is a significant focus for us every day. But producing a quality Australian made product is paramount to us, so sourcing locally has trumped saving money.

Here’s the top two reasons why it’s important to us…

Reason 1

We are keeping our money right here in Australia. We are in the business of needing to spend money for ingredients, manufacturing and packaging, so we can either send our money into another country, or we can give it to our neighbours to spend on their kids’ education, grocery bills and mortgage repayments.

From the coffee farmers in the Byron Bay Hinterland to the manufacturing workers north of Brisbane; where we spend our dollars makes an impact, and we want that to be a positive impact right here in Australia. In turn, when you purchase botanicES products over imported products, you are voting with your wallet to support a Brisbane-based husband and wife team who have poured their heart and soul into making skincare with a difference.

Reason 2

We know everything about our products. If we had our products manufactured overseas, we could not be confident in knowing how ethically ingredients were sourced, how sterile the environments are in manufacturing or who to speak to when things went wrong. By keeping our products all Australian-Made, we can go visit the coffee plantation in the Byron Bay hinterland and drop into the manufacturing plant at any time we want. We know everything about our Kakadu Plum extract and exactly why it is that our skincare offers up to 59% hydration and up to 50% skin elasticity. Because of this, we can back ourselves and our product. We especially enjoy face to face communication and feel we are able to produce a far superior product by keeping everything local.

Buying Australian Grown and Australian Made is so important in allowing us to produce quality Australian Made products for our customers.

Is buying Australian Made important to you?

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