Cruelty free beauty brands

Cruelty-free beauty brands
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When you exfoliate, moisturise, apply your foundation and touch up your lippie, chances are, you probably don’t think about how that product came to be on the shelf.

Safety is paramount when it comes to beauty and skincare products, so rigorous testing is a must for every brand. But you may be surprised to learn that there are so many companies that still conduct product testing on animals to rule out adverse reactions, when there are many cruelty-free options to choose from.

Why do beauty brands still test on animals?

More than 27,0001 animals are being subjected to animal testing in Australia, with significant household names behind the testing of toothpastes, perfumes and makeup. According to the animal welfare group PETA, the tests conducted on animals by beauty brands can help demonstrate their efforts taken to ensure human consumers do not experience adverse reactions.

Choosing cruelty free products

In a world where we are inundated with choice, there really is no reason to choose products that test on animals. We can get all we need in our skincare and beauty needs from products that do not test on animals. Thankfully, we are seeing a real movement by the industry to change traditional animal testing practices for more ethical practices and natural ingredients that mimic those that have been tested in the past.

At botanicES, we are proud of our natural, vegan friendly skincare products that are not tested on animals. We wholeheartedly believe in offering quality products without the need to subject animals to adverse reactions or even death, for the sake of some moisturising lotion.

The real guinea pigs with ingredients, should be humans. If a skincare or beauty company is worried about the affects an ingredient might have on human skin in the testing phase, then we would propose that perhaps that ingredient shouldn’t be considered in the first place.

Thankfully as of July this year1, all new products to the Australian market will be prohibited if they have been tested on animals. But unfortunately the new law does not apply to brands that are already selling on shelves, so you will need to be informed about the brands you support.

Beauty brands that do not test on animals

Environmentally Sustainable and No Animal TestingYou can feel confident that your skincare purchase with us is not only vegan friendly, but also environmentally friendly with our sustainable packaging.

Shop botanicES here.

We are so proud of the many brands on the market that go the extra mile when it comes to offering products that are not tested on animals.

Spend an extra minute or two researching your skincare, perfume and make up brands and you can help to save the life of an innocent animal.



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