Move over diamonds, face creams are a girl’s true best friend

Move over diamonds, face creams are a girl's true best friend
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Reducing the signs of cracked skin, age spots and common skin conditions are all in day’s work for your face cream

They say diamonds are girl’s best friend, but we respectfully disagree! A best friend is always there when you need it, gives you attention and enriches you – unlike a diamond, but much like a face cream.

If you have dry skin or mature skin that’s starting to show signs of ageing, it’s time to make friends with your face cream.

How ageing impacts your skin

Beginning in our mid-20s, our skin starts to fall victim to the effects of ageing. As we age, our skin’s ability to retain moisture lessens, as does the collagen and elastin production. This is when fine lines and wrinkles sneak in. Without moisture, skin becomes dry and without high collagen and elastin levels, skin becomes slack, saggy, and less plump.

In our younger years, our skin sheds its dead cells every 28 days or so which is what helps us retain a youthful appearance. Wind the clock forward a few decades and this cycle slows down, meaning we’re left with more dead skin cells on our skin’s surface for longer, looking less and less youthful.

On top of this, because a slow turnover thins out the dermis and epidermis layers of our skin, we are now more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. Age spots start to kick in as well and sun exposure (a free radical) causing the pigment cells to multiply and group together.

It all sounds a bit bland doesn’t it? This is where the mighty face cream really shines through!

Choosing the right face cream for your skin

It’s important to choose the right formulation for your skin based on the makeup of its ingredients.

Firstly, you need to understand the type of skin you have. If it’s sensitive or prone to common skin conditions such as acne, then you will need to choose a moisturiser that is gentle on skin. Some moisturisers incorporate synthetic fragrances making it more abrasive on sensitive skin which can cause breakouts.

You also need to look at whether your skin is oily, combination or dry. Many people associate face creams and moisturisers with dry skin, and think oily skin is already well hydrated. This is actually not the case. Oily skin on the surface may be preventing moisture from penetrating deeper into your cells which is what moisturisers are made to do.

The success of a face cream is the sum of all its parts

Look on the ingredient label of your face cream. You want to see an ingredient list that mentions aqua, extract, shea butter, slightly acidic (yep, it’s a good thing in skincare!) and tocopherol (Vitamin E) because these ingredients are packed with goodness for your skin and are the very components that activate your moisturiser.

Check also for ingredients that are high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties such as Kakadu Plum (this has more Vitamin C than oranges!), Licorice Root extract, Jojoba oil and caffeine. Antioxidants will combat free radicals like UV exposure, air pollutants, tobacco, and fried foods by leveling out the free radicals before they can cause too much damage. A product that boasts antioxidants is going to be especially effective in offsetting fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin.

When combined, these powerful Australian ingredients pack a real punch! botanicES Face Cream for example has been independently clinically tested and proven to boost hydration by up to 50 percent. We may be a completely natural brand but there is a genuine science behind our formulation in that the pure coffee extract acts as a vasodilator. This means that when it penetrates the skin barrier it widens the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and allowing other extracts to absorb faster and more effectively. Because it’s combined with the right make up of other active ingredients, our exclusive formulation also improves skin elasticity by up to 50% helping skin to look fresher, younger, and firmer.

Your skin works hard! It’s the largest organ in your body and works 24/7 to protect your body from pollutants – give it the nourishment it deserves.

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