Do I really need to use an eye cream?

Do I really need to use an eye cream?
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Are eye creams essential?

As adolescents and young adults, we learn to cleanse and moisturise as part of a daily skincare routine.

Eye creams on the other hand have always been a grey area – some say it’s a necessary product that stands on its own, others say it’s a marketing gimmick to sell more product.

As experts in the industry, we’re here to set the record straight!

Our eye area, while a part of the face, is much more sensitive than our cheeks, forehead and chin.

The skin is more delicate and prone to more fine lines and wrinkles with age and sun exposure, so it’s essential the area is managed as its own entity. Because of this, eyes require a formula that isn’t too harsh on the skin.

Eye creams, serums, oils and lotions act gently to revitalise the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, puffiness and wrinkles, a separate function from face creams that primarily act to hydrate.

Many face creams will direct consumers to avoid the eye area, because they know a much lighter formula is needed.

You will find the formulas differ between face and eye creams for this very reason.

Using the benefits of all natural ingredients, including:

  • Coconut and olive oils
  • Licorice Root extract
  • Shea Butter
  • Kakadu Plum extract
  • Vitamin E

Our botanicES Eye Crème (our best seller!) smooths out the skin for a more radiant appearance.

Our Eye Crème actually contains the highest concentration of caffeine of all our products, and is specifically formulated to improve hydration and elasticity, making the dark circles and fine lines around the eyes appear lighter and smoother.

Our range may be small, but it’s powerful!

Everything we stock has a reason to be in your bathroom and travel bag, and is intended to add value.

If you have been using regular face cream around your eyes, we encourage you to switch to a lighter eye cream formula to help keep your peepers fresher for longer!

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