Give the Gift of Self Care

Limited Edition Christmas Gift/Travel Pack
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The festive season can become so overwhelming when you think about all the people in your life you might want to give a gift for.

There’s your mum, your nana, your sister, your girlfriend or your wife, your daughter, your niece, your child’s school teacher, your neighbour and your boss… that’s a lot of gifts to buy!

Luckily there’s one gift you can give any woman in your life. Keep reading for the three reasons skincare should be on your shopping list this year!

Reason #1 – Skincare Transcends Age

Whether the woman in your life is 10 or 110, skincare is suitable for most ages.

Introducing natural cleansing and moisturising products to young girls teaches them about looking after the largest organ of their body. It helps keep their skin looking youthful for longer.

Giving a new skincare brand to a woman in her 30s or 40s helps women to experiment with other ingredients.

It can be hard to switch brands, but when you give botanicES, you give the proven results of increased hydration and elasticity thanks to the patented formula.

Mature skin of many 70 and 80 year olds has unique needs for hydration and elasticity due to the inevitable signs of ageing. Skin becomes paper like and can dry and crack easier. Giving natural skincare helps provide hydration to avoid sore, cracked skin. It’s soothing and relieving and will be a welcomed gift!

Reason #2 – Skincare is Accessible

Stop hunting around 20 different shops to find the perfect present!

Whether it’s a chemist, health food shop or grocery store, you can pick up skincare almost anywhere. With botanicES, you can also get it delivered straight to your door from our online store.

Take the stress out of Christmas shopping this year and buy one gift to cover half the shopping you might have to do!

Reason #3 – Skincare is good for you

You can’t go wrong with a natural Australian owned and made product as a gift!

Our skincare is packaged with environmentally sustainable materials and is animal and vegan friendly. We use no harsh chemicals so this really is a product for everyone.

Not everyone has the same taste in perfume, chocolates are out for those watching their weight, and it’s too hot for scarves! Gift the gift of skincare and you give the gift of goodness that lasts year-round.

botanicES is available in select stores and pharmacies or online 24/7.

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