Green is the new glam
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Why sustainable beauty matters

Beauty is more than skin deep, but in so many ways that have never been talked about in years gone by. Skincare and cosmetic manufacturers need to wake up to the demand for not only nourishing our consumers’ bodies, but their appetite for a clean, green world.

Proving that creating sustainable products is a practice responsive to the market and not simply a buzzword or a marketing exercise, a 2018 McKinsey & Business of Fashion study revealed that 66% of global millennials are willing to spend more on sustainable fashion brands. At botanicES, we know that your ‘why’ is important to you, and that’s what is important to us in every decision we make.

What is sustainable beauty?

Sustainable beauty unfortunately has different meanings for different brands and people. Some brands will claim an eco-friendly product, even if the packaging contributes to plastic pollution. Others will say it’s natural, even if the emulsifiers sourced aren’t. In general, sustainable beauty relates to products that use environmentally friendly formulations, production practices or packaging processes.

Sustainable beauty really needs to be benchmarked better as you can see! While we wait for that from government and private enterprise, it’s up to you as an individual to ask the right questions and use your purchasing power to inflict change

Some things to look for or challenge beauty brands on are:

A lot of these you just won’t see on a skincare label, so it’s important you do your due diligence as a consumer. Read through websites (beyond the home page; you want brands being this transparent), scour online news articles and see what customers are saying about the brand in their reviews.

Why buy sustainable beauty?

We only get one planet Earth, and it’s up to businesses and individuals alike to protect it from damaging practices. The environmental impacts of manufacturing are well documented, but there are companies out there challenging the status quo and actively minimising or offsetting their impact. 

You want to make sure brands aren’t robbing Peter to pay Paul – that is – they’re not packaging their products in plastic, only to claim eco-friendly ingredients!

From concept to delivery, botanicES ensures that at every stage, environmentally friendly decisions are factored into, not just the sourcing of ingredients. 

The best way to vote for sustainable beauty that is both clean and green is to become clued up on the brands that are making a positive impact on not only your skin, but the world we’re in.

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