Irritating skin condition? You’re not alone!

Irritating skin condition? You're not alone!
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Common skin conditions in adults


Common skin conditions in adultsPimples, blackheads and red bumps on the skin are a sign you have acne, which appear when oil glands in the skin get blocked. When oil glands (also known as pores) become blocked, the oil and bacteria build up causing the physical irritation.

The reason many people find acne a problem their face, neck and torso are because these parts of the body have the largest number of oil glands. Dermatologists have reported many adult cases presenting in their late 20s to late 30s with lesions and scarring on their jawline from picking at acne for years.

Acne usually starts at puberty through hormonal developments, but with women experiencing a range of hormonal shifts throughout her life (such as oestrogen), teenage girls and women tend to experience acne associated with their period, and it can also be aggravated by the contraceptive pill, polycystic ovarian syndrome or pregnancy. Adult acne is becoming increasingly prevalent in society, appearing to be linked to stress as well as hormones.

The general recommended treatment for acne is to cleanse with soap and paraben free cleanser daily or twice daily and protect with a non-greasy moisturiser to help ward off pollutants to the exposed skin damage.


Flushed cheeks and broken capillaries are the presenting symptoms for rosacea. While more women tend to develop the skin condition, it is generally more severe for those men that are diagnosed with it. While there are a number of contributing factors, genetic pre-disposition seems to be a strong marker according to experts.

Uncomfortable burning and stinging can be felt by sufferers, who are often advised to use special anti-inflammatory skincare products to help manage the condition.

Staying Natural

To keep the face and neck area clean and free of impurities found in the air, try our natural foaming and conditioning Cleanser Crème made up of Jojoba seed oil and coffee extract to gently cleanse skin daily.

This is Part 2 in our Skin Condition series. We explore others in Part 1.

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