Jump on the jojoba bandwagon – now is the time!

Jump on the Jojoba bandwagon
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Why your skincare cleanser should absolutely contain Jojoba Oil

Not all skincare products are created equally. botanicES prefers to use quality high value ingredients such as caffeine and Jojoba Oil to deliver the best in skincare results for Australian women.

Knowledge is power so when you understand the composition of Jojoba Oil, you can truly appreciate why we’ve selected it as part of our formulation. It’s the only natural plant to produce an oil that closely resembles our own skin’s sebum coating, so we just HAD to include it in our formulation!

Jojoba Oil and Skin Sebum

As a natural layer to our skin, we all have a sebum coating that prevents our skin from drying and cracking in the harsh environments we’re exposed to and stops harmful bacteria from growing and causing illness.

While it’s known as an oil, it’s technically a liquid wax which means it can penetrate skin deeply to cleanse without stripping away moisture. So even though it’s a more expensive ingredient, it makes sense to include it in our Gentle Cleanser so you get the best result possible from your cleansing routine!

By using Jojoba Oil (which is called the wax ester), we can naturally boost the skin’s ability to fight toxins, UV and pollutants that we can’t escape from day to day living.

Jojoba Oil and Skin Types

Because Jojoba Oil is gentle and suitable on all skin types, it’s great for daily application. It really delivers in the fields of being hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and is often used to prevent allergic flareups in its other forms.

Its deeply moisturising Vitamin A and Vitamin E properties also complement and boost the efficiency of the coffee seed extract that is exclusive to our products. This means our powerhouse of natural skincare ingredients will help your skin to shine, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to improve!

Skincare should never be an expense. It should be an investment!

With Jojoba Oil in your Cleanser, you can rest assured your skin will be in its best shape ever!

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