Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother
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Our special Mother’s Day edition, brought to you by the lessons we learnt from our mums

Mother’s Day is a time for all of us to reflect, not just those of us who have given birth.

You see, we’re all here because of our mum, even if we didn’t see eye to eye with them or if we didn’t know them well (or at all). Some of us can call our mothers on Sunday and wish them well; some of us hold on to the last time we were able to do this. 

However you think of, celebrate and remember your mum, Mother’s Day offers an opportunity to pay homage to the very reason you’re here today. 

We asked our community to share their early lessons from their mums around skincare, beauty and overall life advice, and we wanted to compile some of these as a tribute to all mums, past and present. Here’s what adult daughters around Australia shared with us… 💚

Beauty Tips

Always wear lipstick or lipgloss to protect your lips from the sun when out and about

Mum always emphasized the importance of putting on lipstick before one's husband came home from work.

Don't use nail polish as it's too easily damaged. Instead give your nails a good manicure and clear top coat

Mum never went out without a bit of lipstick on.

Always use good products and not supermarket brands
Try to achieve the most natural look when applying makeup

Mum would wear curlers in her hair to add bulk
Mum always used cold cream before bed, smothering it on her face
Mum used cold Rooibos teabags on her tired eyes

When cutting a fringe, always cut it longer than you think it should be

Mum always used honey on her face and hair

Skincare Solutions

Always wash your makeup off before going to bed
Feed your skin from the inside out

She took Cleopatra baths - milk, olive oil and orange skins.
I remember her cleansing and moisturising every morning and night!

Use a good skin oil and never let your skin get dry

She was always putting Vaseline intensive care lotion on her hands before bed, that smell reminds me of her

Natural is best

I remember her rubbing sand on her face at the beach to exfoliate dead skin cells away

Life Advice

Live each day as if it's your last, and smile and the world will smile with you
Never look back!

Mum always encouraged us to look at life through the eyes of the other person.
She taught us to respect people whether they were the street cleaner or the Professor, who both came to Christmas dinner one year!

We're only here for a short time, you better get out there and make the most of it

Always have enough confidence in yourself and your abilities to pick up your handbag and walk out on a bad date, bad relationship or bad job

Live and learn, you have to learn from your mistakes

Be the best version of you

Live life to the fullest and take care of oneself and treat others how you would like to be treated

In the hurried world we live in, we hope this helps you to pause and remember some of life’s greatest lessons you took from your mother.

Happy Mother's Day xx

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