What is Clean Beauty?

Clean skin, clean beauty, clean world – that’s what botanicES stands for.
But how do you know what’s good for your skin, and what’s not?

With the increase in the number of beauty products available today in stores and online, it can be really easy to get caught up in marketing hype and loose claims.

Thankfully, while there’s a dramatic rise in retail options, there’s also a rise in concern for the environment, a focus on sustainability, and better consumer judgment regarding what we put in and on our bodies.

This is evident in how many boutique, independent companies have become alternative solutions to the bigger corporations. 

In the skincare and cosmetics industry, “clean beauty” is just as important to consumers as the product working and being good value. 

Clean beauty refers to the idea of doing away with ingredients that are considered “harmful,” “toxic” or have unknown effects, both to consumers and on the environment. 

By using natural, safe, green ingredients and processes to create products that contribute positively to the world, manufacturers and consumers alike are making the world a better place with each and every decision to create and use a clean beauty product. 

There are four pillars that brands must comply with in order to classify a product as being worthy of the status of ‘clean beauty’. These include:


Safety refers to how the beauty product will affect consumers.

As a brand, botanicES is very well aware that certain components do more harm than good when it comes to skincare, which is why we use all-natural coffee beans and certified organic ingredients in our range of products. More importantly, botanicES’ products are made by Australian manufacturing facilities that adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO standards so that we can guarantee the safety and quality of our product


The coffee beans used in your favourite botanicES’ product have come from beans that were ready to be tossed away.

We discovered that even though they were too ripe to roast for consumption, each bean still contained caffeine inside.

We patented a process that effectively extracts the caffeine from the bean, and this became our hero ingredient in our skincare range.

From sourcing the beans from a Byron Bay Hinterland coffee farm, to using recycled and recyclable packaging when we get it into your hands, we strive to limit our carbon footprint throughout our entire business practice.


Every product in the botanicES range has been carefully designed so that it is cruelty-free, 100% natural and vegan-friendly, and uses absolutely no synthetics. There are no hidden manufacturing secrets or laboratories – what you see is what you get:

Furthermore, botanicES engages local suppliers to bring your product to life, ensuring the Australian manufacturing industry and broader economy continues to thrive.


We pride ourselves on our transparency with customers. From how and where we source our ingredients, to the labeling on our packaging, we know that every decision we make affects not only your skin, but your trust.

Every claim you see in our marketing and on our website, we can back up with evidence.

We offer no false promises, just a proven brand that’s committed to clean beauty, clean skin and a clean world.

The power of caffeine, naturally