5 New Years’ goals to a better you in 2018 (and exercising and healthy eating aren’t on the list!)

5 New Years' goals to a better you in 2018
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Commit to loving yourself this year

The start of a new year always presents a fresh start and a new beginning, and tends to bring with it a desire to find contentment, fulfilment and nourishment.

As every year passes, life seems to get busier and busier with work, family and social events, and often this means putting your own needs last.

Let’s change that this year. After all, if you’re not healthy and happy, how can you give your best to everyone else?

This year, we encourage you to look inward, and put yourself first. You won’t find the typical ‘exercise more’ and ‘eat healthy’ resolutions on this list! This is about the small changes you can make today that will have a lasting impact.

Here are some ideas you can implement to look after yourself in 2018.

  1. Find your purpose – I found my purpose three years ago at aged 60, wanting to help people feel good about themselves with quality, natural Australian products that are created in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It just felt like the world was going down a track of quick and artificial conveniences, and I didn’t want to live that life. This year, find and live your purpose. Do you want to live a minimalist life? Are you driven to travel? Are you most fulfilled when you’re in your garden? Do more of that.
  2. Kickstart a skincare routine – did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? Even if you’re not worried about wrinkles just yet, your skin is exposed to harsh sun, drying air conditioners and chlorinated pool water and can do with some TLC at any age. With so much emphasis on drinking water and eating fresh, we can forget to nourish our skin so this year, commit to keeping your skin cells hydrated with daily use of natural skincare products. If you’re not sure what’s in your moisturiser, check the label for nasties such as parabens, fragrances, synthetic colours and phthalates, and start the New Year by switching to natural, caffeine based products.  You’ll feel younger with the proven hydration and elasticity benefits of botanicES!
  3. Introduce some greenery – by bringing some herbs, flowers and plants into your home or office, you are indirectly helping your health. At a technical level, plants help to reduce airborne dust, carbon dioxide levels and some pollutants, but psychologically, studies have shown they also help with positivity and reducing stress levels.
  4. Remove your makeup – we’ve all been there – the bed is calling you after a long day, so you jump in with the day’s foundation, mascara and bronzer still on. But did you know by doing this you’re sleeping with not only the makeup, but the dirt and dust collected through the day from air conditioning, cuddling Fido and touching your face 2000 to 3000 times per day? Commit to a fresher start to the day by using a gentle every-day cleanser to remove impurities and give your skin a chance to breathe while you sleep.
  5. Meditate for your soul – find 15 quiet minutes before work, during a lunch break or after the kids go to bed, to be by yourself and just let the stresses of life melt away. You can practice mindfulness, breathing or listen to music you enjoy and let the stillness wash over you. Quiet time can help bring new perspectives to circumstances that you might otherwise not have thought of.

What have you committed to doing in 2018 to make it even better than last year?

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