Vitamin C Face Serum


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  • Innovation award winning hydrating and anti-ageing Vitamin C Face Serum.
  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and age spots
  • Repairs UV damage deep in your skin barrier
  • Builds Collagen naturally
  • Controls Breakouts

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You have heard how beneficial Vitamin D is for bone health and Vitamin E is for boosting your immune system, now it is time to introduce the power of Vitamin C for skin health and wellness.

Vitamin C has proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production and moisturise dry skin.

botanicES is excited to release, as part of your Ageing Youthfully skin care regime, the botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum, with its gentle, fragrance-free serum. Great for morning and night, it’s perfect as a primer under your makeup.

Don’t leave your skin care to chance.

Age-defying and hydrating, all day every day.

Why botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum is right for you

If you suffer from dry skin or feel you need more hydration, then Vitamin C will provide you the solution.  botanicES has worked hard to develop a Vitamin C Face Serum which will absorb effortlessly into your skin, as well as provide the ultimate balance between maximising the benefits of Vitamin C as well as leverage the power of our natural ingredients.

To some extent, the botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum is a superfood for your skin!

How do I use botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum

Packaged in a simple-to-use pump bottle, one small press of the pump on your finger is more than enough.  Once pumped, apply gently in circular motion, on your face and neck.

In most cases it only takes one pump to nourish the whole of your face.

Use after you have cleansed with botanicES Face Cleanser and before you apply the botanicES Eye Serum.  After you have applied the botanicES Face Cream you are set to go!

What is the power of Vitamin C

A small fact you may not be aware of.  The body does not naturally absorb Vitamin C easily, so while a product CAN contain high Vitamin C, your skin may not benefit from the product. Vitamin C easily loses its biological activity in skincare products, because of interactions with other cosmetic ingredients, oxidation and heat. So, while a product can have high Vitamin C, it can also have low impact!

botanicES, through our exclusive formulation has turned the science on its head.  With our main ingredient, a caffeine component, our two stable Vitamin C’s penetrate deeply to the cellular level, providing significant hydration and cellular repair.

More importantly, botanicES has prolonged the power of Vitamin C in the skin resulting in sustainable beneficial physiological effects on your skin.  With the inclusion of Ascorbic Acid 2 Glucoside (AA2G), this natural enzyme release, maintains the stability of Vitamin C for healthier, brighter, younger looking skin, even at high temperatures!

Furthermore, there are additional benefits from our innovative process.  When combining AA2G with Vitamin C, botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum provides the following:

  • Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Suppresses damage to cells caused by UV damage
  • Reduces the production of melanin
  • Reduces the level of existing melanin
  • Promotes collagen synthesis resulting in firmer, smoother looking skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and rough skin


Collagen Builder/ Lightens Pigmentation
Kakadu Plum Extract

Kakadu Plum is the highest stable Vitamin C in nature (50x higher than oranges). Fights radicals at a cellular level, building collagen while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. High in Folic acid levels it leaves your skin softer, smoother and glowing while fighting off pimple-causing bacteria.

Botanices Natural Coffee Extract

BotanicES Coffee extract superior hydrating and anti-oxidant results to any other caffeine extract currently on the market. Caffeine naturally contains high anti-inflammatory properties and widens blood vessels meaning less swelling and redness.

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Brightens, Calms
Licorice Root

As a natural anti-inflammatory, it calms dry, flaky irritated skin, promoting skin elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Acts as a brightener on dark circles and over exposed areas to the sun.

Soothens breakouts
Vitamin B3

Smooth out skin‘s texture and reduce the look of wrinkles while protecting the skin from environmental stresses. Helpful for acne especially inflammatory forms. Minimizes pore appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid (Plant Based)

Hydrating the surface layers of the skin, hyaluronic acid is known to restore smoothness and elasticity of the skin, while delivering ingredients through the skin. Hyaluronic acid used by botanicES is plant based and vegan friendly.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propanediol, Niacinamide, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Betaine, Glycerin, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Terminalia Ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) Fruit Extract, Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Extract, Tocopherol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Schlerotium Gum, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate, p-Anisic Acid, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate

Directions for Use

Apply 3 pumps into your hand and apply unto the face and neck after cleansing. Can be applied under make up and used with your hydrating botanicEs Face Cream & Eye Serum.

14 reviews for Vitamin C Face Serum

  1. Annaline Kloppers

    My specific requirements for skin products are hydration , treatment for pigmentation and to avoid sensitivity.
    I have been using The BotanicES VITAMIN C face serum daily since it has come on the market. I am so impressed with the product, it has become my staple product.
    The combination of natural hyaluronic acid with the vitamin C is very hydrating and the skin brightening and other benefits of vitamin C are widely known.
    Natural, quality skin care is a high priority for me.

    To find all these benefits in a product without all the harsh chemicals ,is exactly what I am looking for.

  2. Bernadette Visser

    Wow, this is an amazing product! My skin feels plump, toned and smooth! I have been using it for almost two months and even the pigmentation marks are lighter. My fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. I love the Vitamin C Face Serum!

  3. Annaline

    My specific requirements for skin products are hydration , treatment for pigmentation and to avoid sensitivity.
    I have been using The BotanicES VITAMIN C face serum daily since it has come on the market. I am so impressed with the product, it has become my staple product.
    The combination of natural hyaluronic acid with the vitamin C is very hydrating and the skin brightening and other benefits of vitamin C are widely known.
    Natural, quality skin care is a high priority for me.To find all these benefits in a product without all the harsh chemicals ,is exactly what I am looking for.

  4. Maddie

    It isn’t often that I rave on about skincare products. But this is hands down of my favourites! I have been using this face serum for 3 weeks and I don’t think I have stopped raving on about how amazing and nourishing it is! It’s packed with Vitamin C from certified Kakadu Plum extract and B3 for health cell metabolism. Extra bonus is that it is packed with caffeine which the anti-oxidants help with redness, flakiness and dryness of the skin.

  5. Juanita

    This serum is so hydrating, plumps skin, tones and smooths, reduces pigments & combats those fine lines. The perfect blend of so many great ingredients that work together to give this serum Super powers.

  6. Karen

    I’m finding your products absolutely amazing! As you know I’ve only been using them for a few weeks now and can honestly say that my skin feels wonderful. So glad to have found your company. Keep up the good work.
    I will definitely send my empty bottles back to you as well. I’m a huge believer in recycling as well.

  7. Merridy

    Natural and without the nasties! The creams are light and nourishing and sit well under make up. My skin tone has improved so much!

  8. @meagan_is_herself

    This is me … in my skin… no makeup…no fillers. I, just my @botanices1 to cover and protect my skin.
    At 34, mum of 2 and full time university student, I don’t get a lot of me time, so I am so thankful I have found a product that actually WORKS!
    After using botanices for over a month now, I feel my skin is smoothers, less wrinkles, more hydrated and it just looks so healthy.

  9. Eloise

    Being a full time working mom of two young kids, I really find it hard to just have time for myself. Even the smallest thing can take precious time from your day. And having a long ritual when it comes to your skin care isn’t always possible.
    I’ve been using botanicES for nearly over 4 years. And what has really made me always get my refill bottle and not changing to the “next best thing” is that fact that all the ingredients are natural and all the nasty chemicals are not there. The fact that botanicES can be used on any type of skin anytime through the year is an extra bonus. And of course it is simple and straightforward. Wash and moisturise – done!
    I highly recommend botanicES especially if you find it hard to find a good affordable skin care range that is good for your skin and for the environment.

  10. Jackie

    After trying samples I bought the BotanicES full range and am very impressed with all products. I’m very fussy with cleansers but this one removes all makeup without leaving my skin dry or oily – it’s lovely! Both the eye cream and face cream are also brilliant! My neck area gets irritated easily but these products instantly settled down the irritation that I had and they absorb so well leaving my skin feeling clean and soft – I am so glad I found this range. After only a weeks daily use my skin feels revived and healthy. I look forward to seeing the results long term!

  11. @candyfairy

    Environmentally friendly, ethically sourced ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty free, no synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals – all Aussie made and owned, what’s not to love?

  12. Liz

    I’ve been using BotanicES products since the beginning of 2020 and it’s the first time in a long, long time that a skin care range has made noticeable difference to my skin.
    My skin is holding moisture better, is softer, looks brighter and my rosacea has settled down a lot.
    My impression is that the products are very gentle and moiturising and this has allowed my immune system to have more influence and create balance in my skin. Whatever the reason, it’s working!
    Thank you, Christelle, for making such a great skin care system.

  13. Karen

    Within days of commencing the cleanser, eye serum, vitamin C Face serum and face cream the white heads on my face literally fell off. It was like they dried out and disappeared without scarring and pain. BotanicES has also cleared my face of blackheads just where the rim of my glasses sits on my cheeks gathering oils and dirt

  14. Meghan

    With so many options to choose from, its easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the skincare isles. I am so glad I have botanicES, the silky lightweight formulae penetrates quickly into my skin which is perfect for warmer humid climates, leaving me with nourished hydrated skin without the feeling of heavy product. As a full-time working mum investing time into my skin has become apart of my self-care routine, and has given me the confidence to face the day. You can just tell that it is made from 100% natural ingredients – your skins drinks it all in and feels amazing afterwards.

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