Green is the new glam

Green is the new Glam

Sustainable beauty is here to stay, and we’re so proud to be waving the flag for clean beauty! But there’s more to clean beauty than the products you put on your skin.

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Are you allergic to skincare creams?

Are you allergic to skincare creams?

It’s World Allergy Week and because we meet so many men and women at our in-store displays that suffer from allergies, we thought there was no better time to dive deep into the world of allergies and help you better understand your condition.

Of course, we are not medical professionals so please consult your doctor if you are experiencing reactions to any foods, skincare creams, clothing or fabrics to name a few.

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Common Dry Skin Conditions

We’re scratching the surface of dry, flaky skin conditions

When first impressions count in business meetings, job interviews, dating and every day transactions, battling with exposed skin conditions can be challenging, embarrassing and overwhelming. Millions of Australians suffer from common skin conditions, including many of our customers.

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5 New Years' goals to a better you in 2018

5 New Years’ goals to a better you in 2018 (and exercising and healthy eating aren’t on the list!)

Commit to loving yourself this year

The start of a new year always presents a fresh start and a new beginning, and tends to bring with it a desire to find contentment, fulfilment and nourishment.

This year, we encourage you to look inward, and put yourself first. You won’t find the typical ‘exercise more’ and ‘eat healthy’ resolutions on this list! This is about the small changes you can make today that will have a lasting impact.

Check out some ideas you can implement to look after yourself in 2018…

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Limited Edition Christmas Gift/Travel Pack

Give the Gift of Self Care

Christmas is around the corner and that means gifting those we love with something they would appreciate.

See why skincare products make the best gift for women of all ages.

Best of all? All our products are discounted by 20% from now until mid January!

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Spring clean your skin

Spring Clean Your Skin

We’re so used to spring cleaning our houses and diets, but how many of us overhaul our skincare regime in Spring?

Coming out of winter into the warmer months, our skin is exposed to a change in the elements, meaning we need to accommodate for the transition.

We’ve made it easy for you and compiled our top skin detox tips!

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Cruelty-free beauty brands

Cruelty free beauty brands

Animal testing is still common practice in the cosmetics industry.

When there are so many alternative options available, we encourage consumers to do some research into their favourite beauty and skincare brands and buy products that do not test on animals.

At botanicES, we are proud to offer a natural, vegan friendly skincare range that is not tested on animals.

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How to read skincare product labels

When was the last time you checked what ingredients were in your skincare products?

As the largest organ of our body, our skin deserves the very best in creams and lotions.

Knowledge is power, so arm yourself with the help of this handy list and learn to identify the nasties from the good stuff.

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BotanicES Australian Made products

Why buy Australian Made products

The two reasons buying Australian Made is important

To import or not to import; that is the question many business owners face at some point. When it is significantly cheaper to import ingredients or stock (and sometimes even quicker!) than to source from our own backyard, it really can be a dilemma for those torn between the two options.

At botanicES, the answer for us is a resounding “not to import” our products!

Find out the reasons why it’s important to us…

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