Buying Australian Made and Owned – why it is important!

Buying Australian Made and Owned – why it is important!
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Since the pandemic started a few months ago we have seen an increase in many customers who wanted to purchase Australian made and owned products.

Whether it is grocery items, skincare or other goods there seems to be the desire to support local business to kick start the economy and save jobs.

This move is admirable and so true to the Aussie spirit.

At botanicES we have always supported local business and being a registered Australian Made and Owned company, proudly displaying the triangle with the kangaroo, this value fits in well with our clean beauty brand.

Supporting local business means jobs are safe and provide revenue for growth to so many local businesses.

We do not export our products as we also only market in Australia giving Australians the benefit of an affordable, well tested product that works.

I'm so glad to have found an Australian product that is actually Australian owned and sourced etc. I will be passing this on to friends of mine who are also trying to do the right thing!.

Karen - Western Australia


At botanicES we make sure we deliver a safe and tested Australian Made and owned product to our customers.





Natural coffee extract

Certified Kakadu Plum Extract and Jojoba Oil



Let us keep doing the right thing by our beautiful country and keep on buying Australian Made and Owned.

Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!

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