5 ways coffee can boost your skin AND your mood!

Lady in bath of coffee beans
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For so many of us, the day just can’t start without our morning coffee. From the aroma that wafts through the kitchen into the bedrooms, to the caffeine hit with that first sip, we rely so much on coffee to help kick start our bodies.

But did you know that just as quality roasted coffee beans perk up our mood, they can also perk up our skin?

As a stimulant, caffeine is fast becoming the new superfood for our skin, changing the way we look at our morning cuppa.

Not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons to switch to caffeinated skincare today, backed by dermatologists and scientists!


5 reasons to switch to caffeinated skincare

Reason #1

Caffeine naturally contains high anti-inflammatory properties and widens blood vessels meaning less swelling and redness.

With our patented extraction process, we harness the caffeine to its fullest potential! Try our Body Lotion on ankles and calves and our Eye Serum and Face Cream to reduce the appearance of unwanted redness and dark circles around your eyes.

Reason #2

Caffeine removes excess fluid from cells, making skin appear more plump, taught and smooth.

Our clinical trials revealed that the caffeine in our botanicES skincare range improves skin elasticity by up to 50%! Who doesn’t want smoother looking skin around their eye and neck area?! Many customers also like to use caffeine products on their cellulite areas to prevent excessive accumulation of fat in cells and improve the visibility of smoother skin.

Reason #3

Forget surgery! The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced thanks to all natural caffeine.

Antioxidants have long been heralded for their powerful properties, eliminating free radicals to produce an anti-ageing effect on the skin. And coffee has plenty of antioxidants! We actually also add wild harvested certified organic Kakadu Plum and Licorice Root Extract to our formula to give your skin the full boost of antioxidants. As a bonus, Kakadu Plum has fantastic Vitamin C qualities which we also love, and helps penetrate the skin even deeper.

Reason #4

Studies suggest that caffeine deals with the effects of UV damage and slows down the process of ageing of the skin.

Research conducted by the University of Washington in Seattle found that UV damaged skin cells died when exposed to caffeine, while healthy cells remained untouched.

Reason #5

The pure concentrated liquid that we extract from the coffee bean at botanicES provides superior hydrating results to any other caffeine extract currently on the market.

Clinical studies show our products boost skin hydration by up to 59%, making skin feel younger, firmer and fresher.


Skincare is something that is very personal to each of us. Whether your skincare decision is based on price, results or convenience, we encourage you try our all natural caffeine products and see the results for yourself!

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