How to prevent dry skin in winter

How to prevent dry skin in winter
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5 tips to avoid dry winter skin

Winter is beautiful isn’t it? It brings with it the chance to snuggle up under warm blankets, wear comfortable trackies around the house and indulge in hearty stews and pastas without judgement!

But they say if something’s too good to be true, it usually is. With all the positives that the cooler months bring, have you noticed the winter months aren’t so kind to your skin?

Our bodies are so attuned to our environment, so when the humidity drops outside, so too do the levels of water in our skin through evaporation.

This leaves our skin flaky, cracked and feeling constricted – and hard to hide from others!

Follow our 5 tips to keep your skin hydrated and oh-so-touchable!


1. Moisturise!

Moisturiser is in everyone’s bathroom and makeup bag for a reason.

It’s a staple to any skincare regime.

After a shower, lather your body (especially elbows, knees and neck) with a cream to lock the water into your skin.

Look after your skin with natural products that have added hydration benefits, such as our botanicES Body Lotion. Loaded with caffeine offering up to 59% boosted hydration, it’s the perfect way to care for you skin this winter.

2. Drink water

To replace the water evaporating from your skin, it makes sense to keep hydrated!

It can seem much easier to drink water in summer when our bodies are visibly sweating it out, but stay on top of it this winter with an environmentally friendly water bottle in your bag, a glass of water with every meal and some lovely herbal teas.

Watch out for caffeinated beverages though as they can dehydrate you further.

3. Eat good fats

Good fats in foods help keep your cells soft and plump with their protective coat of lipids.

Keep your cells replenished through your diet, with omega-3 rich foods such as salmon, tofu and walnuts.

4. Avoid soap

Soaps are made of strong alkaline ingredients that are harsh on the skin and can remove moisture.

Choose soap-free cleansers which will still wash away dirt and impurities, but leave your skin’s moisture unharmed.

Our natural Cleanser Creme provides a gentle clean with no nasties, and the caffeine formula provides a hydration boost to your skin.

5. Turn down the heat

Whether it’s a long hot shower or the living area is set to a balmy 30 degrees, keeping warm through various heat sources may feel good at the time, but it strips natural oils from your body, drying your skin.

Stick to lukewarm showers and invest in a humidifier to help restore some of the moisture lost.


You don’t have to go through winter with dry, cracked skin!

A few small steps can help you achieve glowing skin year-round.

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