Unique Australian made natural caffeine range gives skincare a positive kick

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Built on innovative scientific research and using a unique patented formula to unlock the hydrating power of caffeine, the most exciting development in natural skincare launched in Australia this week.

BotanicES, a Natural Caffeine Skincare range, which is both Australian owned and made, has been created using environmentally sustainable ingredients and is expected to revolutionise the way Australians hydrate their skin.

BotanicES Marketing Manager, Debbie Richardson, explains the secret behind this new skincare range has been the unique method developed to extract the benefits of caffeine from the beans; a patented formula carefully developed by a local Australian chemical engineer.

“BotanicES Natural Caffeine Skincare uses a unique process to extract the natural benefits of caffeine from coffee beans,” says Ms Richardson.

“This method has lead to the development of a product that has six times more efficacy than other green coffee products on the market and so will finally give people the hydration results they have been looking for.

Whilst some believe caffeine can have a negative, dehydrating effect on the body Ms Richardson explains the opposite is actually true and that the caffeine in the product actually acts as a vasodilator; meaning that it opens up the pores, pumps up the skin and as a result is very effective in resolving issues with redness, flakiness and dry skin.

“Many people believe caffeine is dehydrating for the skin,” she said, “however when applied externally it actually has incredible hydrating properties that make it a very effective moisturiser.”

A study by researchers at Birmingham University in the UK recently also busts the dehydration theory of caffeine, finding that in fact it may actually even aid hydration by contributing to overall fluid intake.

The efficacy of the hydration properties of caffeine when used externally through the use of BotanicES products has also been tested and proven to be substantial.

Institute of Personal Care Science Director and Technical Adviser to the In-Cosmetics Group, Belinda Carli, explains: “We conducted a statistically significant clinical trial to test the product on different age groups and skin types and it was clear that it did have a strong hydration benefit to the skin.

“In fact we found that the skin saw a 59% increase in hydration within three hours and you can see those benefits shortly after the product’s been applied.

“BotanicES definitely improves visible suppleness of the skin and keeps it in better condition,” she confirmed.

Ms Richardson says the range of BotanicES products is expected to change the cosmetic game in Australia.

“These products are very high in antioxidants and the natural caffeine in BotanicES actually penetrates the skin in 10 seconds. The caffeine makes the crème absorb three times faster than other products, hence why it’s able to increase the skin’s hydration by up to 59%.”

The products contain only natural ingredients including caffeine, jojoba oil, raw coconut oil and vitamin E and the range is environmentally sustainable with the natural coffee sourced from coffee plantations in Byron Bay, NSW.

“This product range is a real game changer for skincare,” explained Ms Richardson, “and being entirely Australian made makes it a truly exciting product for people looking for a better way to hydrate their skin.”

All BotanicES products are available for sale online at www.botanices.com

About BotanicES

BotanicES uses only Australian sourced and manufactured natural ingredients in its product range which includes face, body, eye and hand cremes. An Australian based chemical engineer developed a unique process that allows the recovery of active compounds from roasted Arabica coffee beans. BotanicES® natural coffee extract is a superior replacement for the current “coffee oil” sources, used in contemporary cosmetic formulations. The skin care range uses a blend of gentle natural based ingredients to energise and revitalise the appearance of the skin. It helps promote elasticity and brings optimal moisture (clinically proven up to 59%) to the skin, making the skin feel younger, firmer and fresher. The secret ingredient is the specially derived natural coffee extract which is high in anti-oxidants and is especially effective in fighting the effects of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, redness, puffiness, and overall skin texture.


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